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HOSTA Polymers: The result of experience

Masterbatches of additives and colourants.

HOSTA Polymers is a private company born from a partnership of diverse competences.

Having combined our individual passions and technical, commercial, logistic and administrative expertise and experience, we are able to devise and manufacture high-quality masterbatches at our site in Tunisia.

Our location in Tunisia allows HOSTA Polymers to benefit from first-class industrial infrastructure as well as providing an ideal geographical base to ship our products to Europe, the Middle-East and Asia rapidly.


We make every possible effort to meet the needs of our customers by offering first choice, high-performing products adapted to the requirements of the plastics industry and at the best possible price. Our know-how, gained through years of experience within the plastics industry, allows us to understand the needs of our customers - both technical and economic – and to provide the service which they expect.

Our Philosophy : you to benefit from our combined experiences in order to become our partner.

HOSTA Polymers specialises in the production of additive and colourant masterbatches. Our headquarters and main production site are located in Tunisia, just 10 minutes from the capital, Tunis, 15 minutes from the main port and 20 minutes from the main airport.

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